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Intuitive Life Coaching 

... ... for the Soul

Connect the dots in your life

Tap Into Your Authentic Self

  • We  humans long for many things: good health, a rewarding career, a fulfilling relationship. To love and be loved. Achieving our goals starts by living OUT LOUD as our authentic selves.  I call this authenticity "finding your Mojo."  How do you find your Mojo?  The starting point lies in discovering your Personality Type. 
  • There are numerous Personality Systems: True Colors, Four Windows, 4MAT, Shapes, Inner Heros, etc. Regardless what they are titled, most of these systems are based on the prominent work of Dr. David Keirsey and Temperament Theory. Your Temperament Type depicts your authentic self, which is the key to finding your Mojo.  There are four Temperaments.  Are you the Guardian, the Rational, the Artisan or the Idealist?  

Tell Your Story and Find Answers

  • Our personal stories matter - a lot.  Sometimes we are broken and sometimes we are magnificent!  To be real in the world our stories must be told.  Our dramas and comedies need to be shared.  We make meaningful connections with others by telling and living our truth.  What is your story?

Share Your Gift

  • We all have natural inborn talents.  These instinctive traits are a significant part of our authentic selves.  The field of Personality Development shows us there are four unique temperament types:  Guardian, Rational, Artisan and Idealist.  Each type has a unique way of perceiving and behaving.  Each type has a unique set of core values that puts their lives in motion.  It's your internal navigation system at work.  But sometimes our GPS misfires and takes us down the wrong path.   Are you on the right path?

who I am and what I do

My Skills and Services

  •  If you feel lost, uncertain or directionless my goal is to help you get back on track.  
  •  Using my counseling and ministerial skills along with my highly developed intuitive abilities, I will help you find answers to your most pressing concerns. 
  •  As a certified True Colors coach with expertise in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator I can help you identify your natural skills and abilities. 

My Core Beliefs

  •  As  a Universal Life Church minister I do not prescribe to any particular religion, although I  lean more towards Buddhism than anything else.  I guess you could say that I am Budd-Light.  My core belief is that the spirit of God exists  within all of us.  Finding our light and sharing our light is the key to our happiness.  This basic concept underlies my work and the love I have for life.  I care deeply about human rights, social justice and animal welfare.  Let’s spread some light. 

My Resume

I am an Emeritus Professor at De Anza College, one of the  nation's top community colleges in Cupertino, California.  In that capacity I provided personal, academic and career counseling services to a diverse  population.  Career Life Planning is my specialty.


Master's in Counseling, SFSU

            Bachelor's in Criminal Justice, O.U.

Various job titles/roles:

  1. Counselor
  2. Professor
  3. Playwright
  4. Training Director
  5. Child Welfare Caseworker
  6. Bus Driver
  7. Appalacian Queen (self proclaimed)
  8. Dog Whisperer (a work in progress)

Chelsea's got Mojo!

Chelsea, my backseat driver

"Seriously Dude, that was a red light!"

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MOJO = Your Groove, Your True Color, Your Passion, Your Light